May 5, 2019

Hazardous Wastes – What to do.

There are some items we throw away and don’t realize there is a better way to dispose of them. Did you know that most of them just have to be separated for your weekly curbside pickup? Or they need to be dropped at a special pick up center in your community.

I think most people would gladly participate in a recycle program if they knew how easy it was to do it. Share this with your friends and family or on Social Media. Knowledge is Power!

It is as easy as 1-2-3. Just place them in a clear, sealable plastic bag on the top of your recycle cart.

  • Batteries: place clear sealable bag on top of recycle cart
  • Cell phones: place clear sealable bag on top of recycle cart
  • Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs: It is illegal to put bulbs in the trash.  Put them in a plastic bag next to cart.
  • Motor oil and filters: Call your Garbage Service for a free disposal container. Then set is next to your recycle cart during your weekly service.
  • E-Waste: Such as – printers, ear buds, TVs, computers, tablets. Get rid of these at your designated Reuse Day or call for an e-waste pickup.
  • Household wastes – paint thinner gasoline containers, aerosol cans, pool chlorine and propane tanks. Take these to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility in your area.
  • Medications – expired or unused:  Use clear sealable bag.  Keep liquids in their original containers.  Drop them at the Pharmaceutical collection bins in your area.
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