Our process is not only Painless; we create a Seamless experience for you, our valued client.

We’re not your typical “all things to all clients” employee benefits broker. What we are is a company that delivers hassle-free and keeps your employees happy – as it should be.

We want to be your partner, collaborator, and teammate. You do not need to be a specialist, nor do you need to handle it by yourself. Our expert team is here to help and will have your back.

See how our process works below:

Getting to Know You & Your Needs

We start by gathering the big picture surrounding your business goals, must-haves, and culture of your company. This is how we understand what’s really important for your business long-term.

1-2-3 Learning About Your Employees

We develop a custom benefits strategy that factors in your employee’s specific wants and requirements. This approach directly impacts job satisfaction and turnover rates.

Creating the Perfect Quote

We then conduct an in-depth analysis of all available insurance carriers to find the perfect match. Our goal is to design a cost-effective package that supports your strategy and pleases your employees.

Discussing the Many Possibilities – Together

The next step is to discuss our findings with you in detail and tweak each coverage to deliver the maximum possible amount of benefits for your staff. We make every penny count!

Setting Your Coverages in Place

We will also communicate with your employees to explain all of the new benefits and the investments you’ve made. If needed, we can also serve in an administrator role for some or all of your essentials.

Continually Seeking Better Options

Our final step brings us full circle by frequently re-assessing your needs, seeking employee feedback, and searching for new ways to provide even better employee benefits plans.