Employee Benefits, Support & Beyond

You and your team face multiple challenges as you serve your customers. Our goal is to ensure that your organization provides a healthy and happy workplace. We understand employee benefits help you attract and retain talent, maintain quality team members, reduce absenteeism and increase engagement and productivity. This is why our menu of services not only addresses obvious health benefit plans but provides additional offerings that support you and your team. Our model is intentionally designed to maximize opportunities and manage risks.

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Employee Benefits

Every business is different. Every team or individual has unique insurance needs. Whether you are a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or Sole Proprietor, we can custom-tailor a benefits plan that you and your organization will value. The latest legal directives, your business-particular limitations, and its advantages, all affect the decision-making process when it comes to employee benefits. We provide sound insight and help navigate the process so that you can enjoy cost/time savings, flexibility, and great service.

Our services include:

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • On-boarding Services
  • Disability
  • Handbook Review & Creation
  • Free Online Enrollment (Paperless Service)
  • Informational Training Sessions

“…Christine was able to assess the needs of our company for vision, medical and dental benefits to achieve the right solution and help our company save money.” ~ Taymor Industries

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Plan Administration

Choosing the right health care insurance plan can be confusing. We understand that.

Our discovery process helps uncover needs and specific details of your situation, making it easier for you to choose from the many available options.

Deer Hollow clients receive much more than a one-and-done customized plan. We are there for you for the long-haul with a full menu of personalized services. An experienced personal account manager with industry knowledge is available to answer any questions you might have.

You also receive claims assistance, HR support, and professional advice whenever needed. We assist with all aspects of plan administration including enrollments, terminations, interactions with carriers, and bill reconciliation.

“It’s convenient and mind settling to have someone that knows the options and is looking out for what is best for your company.” ~ Loftin Dental

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HR Assistance

Administrating the healthcare process is complex work that continues long after the policy has been purchased. Since we are independent and not attached to any specific provider, plan or program, we are able to focus on getting your needs met rather than simply selling you a plan from a limited offering.

We are your broker, advocate, analyst, negotiator, legal counselor, and a trusted partner. If your goal is not only to remain compliant with current regulations but to also ensure that your organization provides a healthier and happier workplace, we are committed to these outcomes.

That’s our promise. At Deer Hollow we always keep our promises.

“They truly care about each client and make sure they work with them to get the best possible benefits for that particular group.” ~ Ignite HR Solutions

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Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness improves the bottom line. Happier, healthier employees mean that you recoup your investment in a Wellness program through increased productivity, enhanced camaraderie, and reduced healthcare costs.

We work closely with you to design a custom Wellness program for your workforce. Research has proven that an effective Wellness program reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, creates a positive culture and more. Call us now to see how Deer Hollow can help you design, implement, and promote a Wellness strategy in your workplace.

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Other Services

Additionally, Deer Hollow works with several different types of affiliate vendors on your behalf that specialize in other areas of business management and compliance. Each relationship was built on the affiliate’s proven track record of outstanding quality, value, and customer service.

  • Voluntary Benefits
  • 401K & Retirement Planning
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Payroll Services & Outsourced HR
  • Business Liability
  • Living Trusts


Let us know if you have questions or if you are interested in learning how we can assist you with any of these services.

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With her extensive experience, excellent people skills and comprehensive knowledge of insurance policies, Christine was able to assess the needs of our company for vision, medical and dental benefits to achieve the right solution and help our company save money.

Taymor Industries

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