I’m here to give Christine some great feedback on what she’s been doing for us at Alameda Mortgage Corporation.  I met with a lot of brokers before I chose Christine. I chose Christine because she had the most to offer us.  She had great customer service and she had great customer service representatives, which is something that you don’t always find in a benefits broker. So if you’re negotiating for a new benefits broker, Christine is the one to go with and I promise you if I ever leave, I’ll be taking her with me.

Some of the things that Christine is done for us recently:

We’ve had horrible benefits before. She has done an amazing job getting all of our benefits in order. We have benefits that have zero deductibles right now, which is almost unheard of, compared to the old benefits that we had! She’s looking for a new 401 k account for us because we are currently going through paychecks and we’re trying to get away from paychecks. She’s also helped us with that process. She’s also helping us find an FSA account which is something that we had through paychecks. So who we were with, we are no longer going to keep so we have to look for a new one.  As I’ve already said, she’s helping us negotiate basically everything! If I ever have a question I email it to her and she emails it to back in her busy time and they respond to me same day or next day with an answer to the question that I have. There’s very sensitive information, you know, they’re very good with the confidential material.

She also gave me tickets to the Giants game this past Saturday which was really nice to go out to San Francisco and see the Giants game. You might get some perks like that if you sign her up and get her on board. She has great staff members! I deal with Stara and with Lindsay, and they’ve been amazing. Every question that I’ve had they’ve either answered for me the same day or just take care of it right away. You know it’s always been a pleasure to work with them and I can’t wait to see what the future brings and I hope that you will also see that in her and give her the opportunity to do that for you!

Shelly Gough

Alameda Mortgage Corporation

Hi, I’m Cedi Smith. I’m the accounting manager for Tamer Industries. I met Chris Lacy last year when we were renewing our medical benefits. Chris was able to save us money by renewing our medical benefits and when it was time to renew our workers’ comp insurance, she referred me to Sally Nichols. Sally Nichols also saved the company money during that time. During a renewal, knowing that Chris is trying to help me, our company saves money, that is why we trust her referrals.

Cedi Smith

Tamer Industries

Thank you Christine. You are the BEST INSURANCE BROKER EVER!!! I wouldn’t be able to be on vacation without you.

Orion Governance

Chris and her team are great to work with.  Our law firm hired them to provide us with benefits for our employees.  Not only did she save the firm money but she suggested different plans that no other company has ever offered us before.  We dreaded the process of renewing our health benefits for our employees and this time, Chris and her team made it seamless!

I now recommend Chris to any company of any size that needs assistance with their employee benefits whether it is renewing their plans or for new quotes.  She does not disappoint.


Mercado & Associates

We have known Chris for over fifteen years.  She is knowledgeable in labor law as well as Insurance plans.  We are a small business and she assisted us in obtaining Health coverage.  Chris is well versed in California insurance requirements and the new labor laws.  Her company is an answer to small businesses.  When she isn’t certain of your questions, she will research.  Chris is very easy to talk with, honest, and never pretentious.

Chris has been helping our dental office for the past few years in regards to business health benefits.  She is extremely knowledgeable.  She researches questions thoroughly and responds immediately. Chris is very personable and easy to talk to.  I highly recommend her

Henry Kitajima


My wife and I have gotten to know Christine over the last year and during that time found her to have a passion and enthusiasm for her business. With her extensive experience, excellent people skills and comprehensive knowledge of insurance policies, Christine was able to assess the needs of our company for vision, medical and dental benefits to achieve the right solution and help our company save money. Christine continues to check up on us to make sure that everything is going well so service continues well past the transaction. If you are looking for an insurance and financial service provider I would highly recommend Christine, she is not just a broker she is the owner of the company.

Taymor Industries